5 Foods That Make You Smarter

Eating healthy is always going to be a must but did you know that certain food can also affect your brain’s capacity? If you think you are having problems with memory or if your concentration is starting to let you down then you might want to take some time and reassess what you’re eating. To help you out, below is a list of 5 foods that are guaranteed to give your brain a boost.


5 Food That Make you Smarter BeetsBeets might not sound like a delicious meal but when prepared right they can be some of the most delicious additions to your diet. Beets are also remarkably important for your brain because they are packed with a high amount of Vitamin B complex, which is responsible for a stronger memory and quicker thinking capacity.

You just need to stay away from canned beets since those are almost always covered in preservatives and extenders. Those chemicals could diminish the benefits of beets and could also bring a whole horde of unhealthy effects to your body.


5 Food That Make you Smarter AnchoviesOmega-3 fatty acids are good for your brain because they prevent accelerated aging as well as memory loss. When it comes to food, they always say that tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids but they always forget about anchovies. This is a remarkable fact since anchovies carry almost ten times more omega-3 and they aren’t prone to carrying mercury, a dangerous chemical often found in deep-water tuna.

Anchovies are also good for your bones since they carry a good amount of calcium and Vitamin D.

Pastured Eggs

5 Food That Make you Smarter Pastured EggsThere are regular eggs which come from chickens that eat processed grains and chicken feed and then there are pastured eggs which come from hens that only feed on regular pasture, the green grass of the wild. Pastured eggs are far healthier, containing twice as many omega-3 fatty acids as their coop brethren, and more abundant in Vitamin E, which is responsible for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Just make sure to eat the yolk as well. The yolk of good-old fashioned eggs is very rich in choline. This is a compound that nourishes the neurotransmitters in the brain.


5 Food That Make you Smarter ApplesThey say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and this is very true when it comes to your brain’s health. Apples are very rich in a special compound called catechin. Catechins are a unique substance that shields the brain from cell-damaging toxins that people get from every day junk food and drinks.

One of the best features about apples is that you can prepare them in all sorts of ways. You can blend them to make smoothies, juices, and you can simply eat them raw. Just make sure you eat the skin since that is the part that contains the much-needed catechins.

With that in mind, you need to make sure you eat organic apples. Non-organic apples have been sprayed with all sorts of pesticides and fertilizing chemicals that could have washed or killed the catechins off the skin of the fruit.

Dark Chocolate

5 Food That Make you Smarter Dark ChocolateIf you crave chocolate then stay away from milk chocolate and always reach for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has proven to be healthy for your teeth (surprisingly), for your heart, and for your muscles. It even helps you lose weight. But when it comes to your brain, the ingredient you’re most interested in is flavanol and dark chocolate is very abundant in this.

There have been several studies showing how flavanol can boost your circulatory system, bringing more blood to the brain. It also prevents you from feeling mentally exhausted.

The next time you know you’re in for an all-nighter of work or school papers to finish you might want to help your brain get through with a good dose of two or three blocks of dark chocolate. It’ll be a nice, delicious reward too.



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