6 Types of Catering Services for Specific Events

Catering is becoming a fast evolving business today. The scope of the service expands and unlike before it is not only limited to food preparation, presentation and staffing. Catering is provided to people having a preference for high quality food services for any types of occasions, festivals, parties, informal get-togethers, and corporate or other functions.

Many event organizers hire professional caterers to get reliable catering services, save time and avoid problems. It is crucial to use excellent catering services for events to be successful. However, finding the most suitable catering company to meet a particular requirement is a great challenge. It is through conducting research by which one can find the best catering services according to their needs and budget.

Some catering services are provided for special types of events, while others are offer a wider range of services in order to ensure that every requirement is served accordingly. These concerns provide a larger area of business opportunities to caterers and a bigger challenge as well. The following are some of the most common catering services provided in the industry.

  1. Mobile Catering – Mobile catering services refer to catering that uses a mobile van in order to render services to specific locations carrying with them the necessary food and equipment. This catering can be used at fairs, meals-to-go, festivals and others functions as well. Mobile catering usually requires low set-up costs due to its being small scale in nature.
  2. Take Home Orders – This type of catering service involves delivery of the food to the customer. Ideally, you can stock the ready-made food meals in the freezer and reheat them when an order is received. This catering may also provide party platters for any food choice combinations such as meals, finger food and other small menus. Customers may be given an option regarding the portion sizes of their orders. The market for take home orders is to cater to groups of people during holidays, parties or gatherings in which the food can be readily available for them.
  3. Door to Door – Door to door catering services supply outstanding combinations of food according to the menu choices along with personal service delivered at your door for you and your guests to enjoy. The customer may also opt just to have a drop-off service where the caterer will supply the food, but the customers will do their own serving. The heating equipment can be rented.
  4. Special Events Catering – This type of catering includes all the services required for the events. This means the caterer will take care of the food presentation that highlights a spectacular food menu. Special event catering may also involve doing the essential aspects of the event such as planning, venue decorations and other related event arrangements.
  5. Business Catering – Business catering service deals with the offering of food menus for business meetings, training sessions and other business functions. This type of catering has high demand and consistent catering opportunities. It is important for caterers serving this type of event to prepare popular dishes that the guests and attendees will enjoy.
  6. Industrial Catering – Industrial catering service generally involves serving food to larger group of people such as in airlines, schools, hospitals and other institutions. Most industrial caterers enter into agreement for semi-annual or annual contracts. These agreements provide a long-term and stable catering business. Actual serving of food may not be required to industrial caterers because serving is usually done locally.

The various types of catering services are essentially helpful to serve the requirements of different events and make them successful and truly special. Professional caterers take full responsibility for serving excellent foods that are safe for consumption by their customers.



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