9 Best Tips for Creating the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Do you want to have the perfect Christmas dinner this year? Perhaps your Christmas dinner last year was not as good as you expected. Don’t despair, because there are many things you can do today which will ensure your preparations this coming holidays are a success.

Here are some of the best tips that will guarantee that all your family members and guests will fondly remember this year’s holiday feast.

1. Choose the Best Meat

The best dinner consists of the best quality food. So, if you want to serve meat, choose the best quality meat that you can afford. It will be difficult for anyone not to appreciate what they are eating if it is really tender, juicy and fresh.

2. Get the Freshest Greens

Choose vegetables that are fresh and cook them just right. If you’re not sure about the quality, try them first before serving them on your dinner table. You can try cooking the greens in advance, and to prevent them from being spoiled, put then in a big bowl of iced water.

3. Observe the 3-Cs of Roasting

  • Choose the right cut – not all beef cuts are cooked the same. Some will taste better if they are grilled, while tougher cuts need to be braised.
  • Cook it right – get the meat cooked at the right temperature and the right time.
  • Carve it right – cut or carve them correctly so they will look appetizing on the dinner table.

4. Create Great Tasting Gravy

Sometimes, one of the dishes will not turn out as you want them to. This is where good gravy can save the situation. A good gravy recipe that can cover up deficiencies in your dishes consists of a good red table wine, and redcurrant jelly. You can add richness and shine to the gravy by whisking in a couple of knobs of cold butter after the gravy is already boiling.

5. Check the Temperature

Your meats will taste great if you cook them under the right temperature. Therefore, a temperature probe is essential if you want your family and guest to really like your dinner. You need to probe the center of the turkey’s breast and the thickest part of the thigh to determine if they are being cooked with the right heat.

6. Choose the Right Roast

You need to select the correct roast. There are three types of roasts you can consider. One is the Premium Roast which is a bit pricey. Another is the Tender and Tasty Roast, which is less expensive, and the last one is the Economical Roast which is good if you are entertaining on a budget.

7. Don’t Be Too Worried About the Calories

It is Christmas and everybody expects to be treated with the best dinner of the year. So long as the ingredients are not overly rich in calories, go ahead and let your family and guests enjoy the awesome dinner that you have prepared.

8. Prepare Your Dinner in Advance

Get your dinner ready ahead of time so you will not be going all over the place when your family and guests arrive. Cooking your meat early, and then reheating it up again later will save you from being stressed.

9. Get Everybody Involved

If you don’t want to get too tired at dinner time, you have to ask the help of everybody to pitch in with whatever assistance they can offer. There is no point in getting your dinner ready and once you’re at the table, you’re too tired to enjoy it.



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