ABC Catering Menu Prices

ABC catering menu has been Voted Best Catered and can handle any events. From graduation to wedding showers to cookouts, ABC has the diverse and expansive menu to suit your needs and add some flare to your event. ABC has many different but equally tasty menus including the sunrise breakfast, excellent lunch, sides & salads, and special events. Signature items on the menu include ABC’s baked strata, breakfast casserole, ABC’s box lunch, and ABC’s lasagna fest. For special events, ABC Catering offers the Memorial Celebrations of Life Menu, Party Celebration Specials, and picnic and grilling for the occasion. ABC Catering is all about providing you with the great food, exceptional service, and reliability it takes to make your event a memorable one.


ABC Catering, “A Better Choice”, has been serving customers for more than 30 years now. With professional catering expertise and fantastic employees, ABC Catering has been making each and every event special for quite some time now. Gourmet food, great staff, and affordability has kept customers coming back for more. Whether it’s a wedding, picnic, or corporate function, ABC Catering has all the resources and knowledge it takes to add some pop to your event. No matter if the event is extravagant, simple, or on short notice, ABC Catering’s planning is exceptional and their service is always sure to impress. With an array of menus, amazing staff, and the will to do anything for their customers, ABC Catering is top-notch and high-quality and you deserve their help. They will be more than glad to give it to you.

abc catering menu prices

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