Cooking Flaws That Will Leave Your Meal Less Than Desirable

We’ve all had some cooking flaws in our meals that we’re not proud of, and often the overcompensation makes it worse. Below are some helpful tips that will help you along the way.

What to do when your dish is too salty

There are a number of ways this can be remedied, depending on what the end product should look like. If it’s something can be a bit saucy or is liquid based, the first resort would be to add water. If it is a creamy dish, coconut milk or cream will do the trick. Adding starches or grains to the mix will also help you out here, as long as they have not been seasoned as yet. A bit of lemon juice or vinegar also seems to work.

What to do when the dish is too sweet

Do not add salt, repeat, do not add salt! This will only increase to focus on the sweetness, rather add water and if not possible, something acidic like lemon or lime juice. Unsweetened cream also tends to break it, however, may be too rich for some to handle. If it is a chocolate pudding or cake, adding a bit of cocoa may also help.

What to do when the cheese on your pasta dish burns

Sometimes we want our macaroni and cheese to have a nice crispy layer on top, however, the risk is that we can leave it in too long and that layer of cheese ends up tasting like rubber. To counter this, you gently remove that layer of cheese, make a nice cheese sauce and spread it over your pasta dish as it is usually just the top layer that is affected. Top it off with some mozzarella cheese and this time keep an eye on it. You won’t even know anything went wrong.

Christmas roast is always too salty

If you are concerned that year after year, your gammon or roast beef has been living it up in salted brine for a while and you don’t want that taste to come through in your cooking, the best thing is to first soak the meat overnight in a bowl filled with water in the fridge. The next day, discard the water and boil the meat in fresh water for about 4 hours. This will remove the excess salt and should end up tasting delicious after it’s been roasted. A lot of these meats also have a sweet basting or sauce added in order to even out the saltiness.

What to do when the cake batter just doesn’t seem right

If you’re experiencing a batter that is too runny, you can either add more dry mix or flour. If the batter is too thick and the recipe contains milk, add a little bit of milk, if it contains oil, add a bit more oil and if it contains water, add a bit more water until you achieve the right consistency. Usually, the recipe will guide you as well in the method area.



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