Cosi Catering Menu Prices

Founded in 1996, Cosi is a chain of fast casual restaurants in the United States. With headquarters in Boston, MA, there are currently 71 of these locations, most of which can be found on the east coast of the U.S. These restaurants are known for their homemade flatbread, though they offer a number of different items on their menu.

Below is the latest Cosi catering menu with prices.


Cosi Catering Menu

Sandwich Box Lunches

Sandwich Box Lunch 1$9.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 2$12.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 3$14.99

Salad Box Lunches

Salad Box Lunch 1$9.99
Salad Box Lunch 2$12.99
Salad Box Lunch 3$14.99


Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$50.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$95.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$140.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$185.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$45.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$85.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$125.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$165.00


Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$175.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$260.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$345.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$205.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$305.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$405.00


Smart Fit Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Cosi Signature Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Cosi Cobb Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Greek Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Shanghai Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Adobo Lime Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Mixed Greens Salad (Serves 5)$38.00
Caesar Salad (Serves 5)$38.00


Adobo Chicken with Avocado (Serves 5)$45.00
Brazilian Steak Bowl (Serves 5)$47.00
Caribbean Chicken & Spaghetti Squash (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Chicken (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Tofu (Serves 5)$45.00


Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$30.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$45.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$55.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$50.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$40.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$75.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 10)$100.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 15)$150.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 20)$200.00
Egg Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$50.00
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Parfait Bar (Serves 10)$45.00
Cosi Oatmeal Bar (Serves 10)$40.00
Cream Cheese 8oz.$2.50

Flatbread Pizzas

Margherita (Serves 5)$30.00
Chicken Margherita (Serves 5)$35.00
Pepperoni (Serves 5)$30.00


Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 10)$50.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 15)$75.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 20)$100.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 10)$60.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 15)$90.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 20)$120.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 10)$65.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 15)$97.50
Antipasto Platter (Serves 20)$130.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 20)$90.00


Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and etc.)$2.29
Coffee or Hot Tea Service (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Lemonade (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Iced Tea (Serves 10)$14.99
Orange Juice (Serves 10)$14.99
Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Iced Tea (Serves 10)$17.99
Country Club (Serves 10)$14.99
Blueberry Agave Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Hot Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Caramel Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Apple Chai Cider (Serves 10)$23.99


Cosi Soup Box (Tomato Basil)$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Chicken Noodle)$30.00
Soup Of The Day$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Turkey Chili)$30.00
Cosi Bread Box (Serves 10)$10,00
Cosi Corners with Spreads (Serves 10)$20.00
Cosi Harvest Mix (Serves 10)$25.00
Macaroni & Cheese (Serves 10)$33.00


Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Dessert Platter (Serves 20)$90.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$50.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$75.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$100.00

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Cosi Catering Menu Information

Those who are interested in having Cosi cater their upcoming event will find that there are a variety of items to choose from, including sandwiches, salads, bowls and flatbread pizza, platters, sweets and beverages, and more.

There are lots of different sandwich options available for catering, so it is important that you take the time to look into some of them before deciding on what to get. There is the buffalo bleu, which is chicken with buffalo sauce, shredded romaine, and a bleu cheese spread. The Cosi box 1 is a popular option for those who are interested in catering; it consists of any sandwich or salad and brownie or cookie. The Cosi box 2 is any sandwich or salad, mixed green salad or fresh fruit salad, and brownie or cookie.

There are also sandwich buffets, which allows you to choose any sandwich or salad, mixed green salad or fresh fruit salad, and brownie or cookie. Sandwich box lunches include your choice of Cosi chips or baby carrots. All salad lunch boxes include freshly baked flatbread.

There are a number of salads to choose from when ordering catering from Cosi. There is the mixed greens salad, which consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, scallions, Greek yogurt, ranch dressing, or balsamic vinegar. The Cosi Cobb consists of chicken, mixed greens, bacon egg, tomatoes, scallions, gorgonzola, and sherry shallot vinegar. The Greek salad consists of romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, black olives, feta cheese, and Italian vinaigrette.

If you are planning an event of some kind and want Cosi to cater it, you will also need to make a point of looking into some of the different platters they offer. There is the fresh veggie platter, which offers a selection of seasonal fresh veggies, served with your choice of hummus or Greek yogurt ranch. The Cosi soup box is your choice of tomato basil, turkey chili, smart fit chicken noodle and other seasonal soup selections, served with freshly baked flatbread. The cheese platter is a platter of brie, smoked gouda and fresh mozzarella, served with flatbread and grapes.

When it comes to sweets and beverages, there are a lot of options to look over. There is bottled beverage service, which consists of an assortment of favorite drinks. The dessert platter offers cookies, brownies, marble and iced lemon pound cake, and more. There is also hand-crafted iced beverage service available.

Cosi Catering Menu Prices

Finding the Nearest Cosi Location and Ordering

When you want to find the closest Cosi restaurant to where you are, all you need to do is simply click the Locations link at the very top of the main page. You will then have to enter your city and state or zip code. You will be presented with the closest 5-10 locations near you with the address and phone number of each one. You will also see a map on the right side of the page that will help you pinpoint where some of these locations in your area are.

If you want to place an order, you simply have to click the Order Online link at the top of the main page. You will be asked to submit your name, address, and payment information. You can take your time to look through the menu to see which items you want to order.

For more information regarding Cosi, please visit their official website. Make sure to check out our Blog for the latest tips.



Cosi Catering Menu Prices
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