Feed Your Appetite with Papa John’s XL Monster Toppings Pizza

Most pizza lovers would agree that the more toppings you put on a crust, the better. More importantly, you need to get your pizza from a place that knows exactly what toppings work together to give you a pizza slice you will never forget. Papa John’s is one such place, and recently, they have unveiled something that is sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite: the XL Monster Toppings Pizza.

Available only for a limited time from the 28th of September to the 25th of October, you can enjoy this extra large pizza for only $12, and it’s actually 33% bigger than your usual Papa John’s large pizza. This means that you get to enjoy a freshly made and hand-tossed 16-inch crust, so not only will it satiate your appetite, it’s also perfect for sharing amongst family and friends.

The pizza gets its name not only because of the oversized and extra large crust but also because of the oversized meats. Say goodbye to the pepperoni and sausage that you’re used to, because this oversized pizza gives you giant pepperoni and sausage like you’ve never seen it before. The extra meat already makes is extra appealing, but if that’s not enough to satisfy meat-lovers everywhere, there’s also an additional layer of Italian sausage that you can enjoy on top of that. Papa John’s keeps the flavors fresh by using tomato sauce that comes from vine-ripe tomatoes, and then topping it off with real mozzarella cheese.

According to Robert Thompson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Papa John’s, they introduced this oversized pizza to satisfy oversized cravings particularly this fall – which is the perfect time for gatherings with family and friends because it’s also football season. Papa John’s is the official pizza sponsor of the National Football League as well as the Super Bowl 50. As football season kicks in, the low price point gives you oversized value for the money that you’re giving, and this is why it’s ideal for when friends come together to watch the excitement of their favorite game.

You can even make it even more special by adding either Garlic or Cinnamon Knots.

For only an additional $5, you can also add some of Papa John’s newest offerings to the pizza, just to complete your experience. You can pick from either the Garlic Knots or the Cinnamon Knots, which Papa John’s released recently to the delight of many fans. It depends if you’re looking for something savory to add to the pizza or something sweet to counter its taste and complete your meal. Any which way, you get a great value for only $5 on top of your already cheap $12 pizza.

No matter what time of the day, you can head to the nearest Papa John’s and get your share of oversized delight. You can even stay home and just order the pizza online through its website or through the mobile ordering app that’s readily available for both Android and iPhone.



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