Get the Scare of Your Life with Burger King’s Halloween Whopper

Get the Scare of Your Life with Burger King’s Halloween Whopper

Halloween is a time when the spookiest surprises are unveiled, and Burger King is jumping in on the Halloween bandwagon by unveiling its craziest burger yet: the Halloween Whopper. From the black bun alone, you already know that this isn’t your average Burger King Whopper, no matter which way you look at it. But bite into the burger and you’ll realize that the bun isn’t just black for no reason – it’s black because the A1 flavor is infused into the bread, giving the Whopper an even more distinct flavor than what everyone is used to.

The signature steak sauce gives the bun a special peppery flavor, but this isn’t the first time Burger King has done this. A year ago in Japan, they also came up with a black burger – and not just the bun but also the cheese and the ketchup. All of this was made from squid ink and bamboo charcoal, which is why the burger was blacker than any other. At that time, it was only available for the Japan market and US fans didn’t get to try it.

This time, the Halloween Whopper is available in Burger King outlets everywhere in the United States, so everybody gets a taste of this truly wicked and spooky offering Burger King has come up with. But you don’t have to worry about black ketchup or black cheese. While this special burger still gives you the unique black burger bun, the contents of the burger are what you would expect in a Whopper: ¼ lb. of flame-grilled beef in all its savory goodness, fresh and crisp lettuce, perfectly melted American cheese, pickles, white onions, juicy tomatoes, mayonnaise, and the A1 steak sauce that gives this Halloween Whopper the special kick it deserves. Apart from the black buns, the A1 sauce and its distinct flavor is the only thing that differentiates this burger from your regular Whopper.

Unveiled only on September 28 and available to the market at $4.99, this burger with the charcoal black buns is really causing a stir among fast food lovers, and especially among those who are used to the Whopper. It is certainly unlike any other burger that’s available in the American market today, and even if you’re not a burger fan, curiosity will probably drive you to try this out at least once in your life.

This offering by Burger King is an example of how restaurants don’t really have to come up with something totally new just to catch the attention of their customers. You can simply build on your existing strengths, and in Burger King’s case it’s their Whopper, which has a lot of fans and a sure following already. By adding a black bun that’s sure to capture people’s imaginations, then you get a sure market that wants to try the burger for its novelty.

So if you want to try out something new (but tried and tested in terms of flavor) this season, go for Burger King’s Halloween Whopper.



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