Great Tips for Affordable Event Catering

Food catering is a daunting task – you want to keep your guests full but you don’t want to empty your pockets either. Most people think that the moment you cut corners in food preparation you’ll be forcing your guests to hunt for the nearest fast food chain to gratify what your event couldn’t. That doesn’t have to be case, however, and here are a few simple tips to have fulfilling but equally affordable event catering.

Tip #1: Use Your Time Wisely

If you were to plan an event that consisted of a two-hour seminar and a three-hour meal, you’ll be spending much more money than needed. It is better to intersperse meals with the event instead of just dumping all the food at once at the end of the show.

This is because you want to control your guests’ attention and hunger. The longer they wait the hungrier they’ll get so you’ll need to cater more food if the meals are served last. By interjecting the main action of your event with food you’ll be satiating their desire to eat and mingle with other people plus you’ll be able to make the event much shorter, lowering the amount of food you need to prepare.

Tip #2: Portion Control

If you want to save up on costs then do away with the self-service buffet. When you let guests get their own food you won’t be able to control how much they take so you’ll be forced to prepare extra. Instead, focus on controlled servings.

Another trick to control portions is to use smaller plates for main meals. The same amount of food on a small plate will be more filling than on a larger plate – and this is not just due to visual perception. The brain thinks it is getting more and the guests will feel full. If you served the same amount of food on a larger plate your guests will feel like they can eat more, forcing you to spend more.

Tip #3: Cut the Invisible Corners

Remember that not all your guests drink coffee and not all of them will drink beer. Instead of spending money to serve coffee for every guest at every table, just have it available at the bar. This will allow you to limit how much coffee you need to have in the first place.

The same can go for expensive dinnerware. You don’t need to have a special glass for water and another for beer and then yet another for soft drinks. Have one kind of glass that can be used for all beverages; your guests will barely even notice the difference.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Promotional Opportunities

You can cut down on the amount of food you need to cater if you also invite local restaurants or cafes to offer promotional bits of food and beverage to your guests. A café with a small stall at the back of the room can offer free taste portions. You’ll be able to cut down on costs since they’ll keep the charges low – after all, you are giving them free advertising opportunities.

Tip #5: Location is Everything

Remember that a poor location without a fully equipped kitchen will cost you more money. You’ll need to spend extra cash for an ice box, for a food tent, for a refrigerator, and more.

The more the venue has, the less you’ll need to spend on. A lot of businesses assume that simply renting out a function hall is enough but if there is area specifically delegated for food preparation then your catering costs will go up the roof.

So keep it smart and choose your event venue wisely.



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