How to Choose the Best Catering Service

The food is a major component of any event or celebration, which commands the choice of the best catering service available. However, how are you able to make the perfect choice of caterer for your event? What are the things to consider that can lead you to your choice? In order to handle the task of choosing, it is necessary to conduct an exhaustive research, get references and require sampling before finalizing your decision. Whatever you do, always remember that every detail of the event has to be cleared by both parties.

One can start by making a list of what parts of your event you want catered. Clearly communicating your needs will help the caterer to accurately estimate your needs for your party or event. Also, take into consideration the place or venue where the event will be held. The number of attendees must be established and the prospective caterers must be asked concerning the minimum guest allowed. Safety is of utmost concern in every event or celebration especially the things that concern the food to be served.

What is the client’s budget for catering?

Be able to discuss clearly your budget for the event and ask what the available options are. Would you prefer a buffet or a sit-down dinner? Be specific regarding the proposed menu such as the type of dish or if there a particular theme to match with the cuisine. The budget would determine the flexibility of the caterer in meeting your needs. It is important to remember that the type of food is usually the major factor of the contract price. Additionally, ask the caterer to provide you with the contract details and the terms of payment.

What is the quality of food to be served?

Inquire whether the catering service will use fresh foods or frozen? Are the foods organic and grown locally? Are there any dishes that will be prepared ahead of time and frozen until the event? Will the caterer use any food from cans? How does the caterer handle the food preparation? Is the caterer following safety procedures?

What about the decorations?

Check whether the catering contract includes the tables, linens, chairs and decorations. Usually the caterer shows a brochure that contains samples of their previous catering set-ups, supplies and decorations. Make sure to clarify your needs for the event as well as the things that the caterer will supply. It is also crucial to known the ingredients or contents of the foods to be served during the event.

Are wait-staff available during the catering?

Clearly discuss with the caterer whether wait-staff will be available in the catering. Be specific regarding the required dress code. The common practice is that for every ten guests, one server is provided. Inquire from the potential caterer whether the taxes and other charges will be included in the finalization of the quotation.

What to do about the leftovers?

The common practice concerning leftovers is that the catering service will gather remaining food and place them in containers with charging the host. However, it is still important to communicate clearly your wants with the potential caterer.

Well-planned events with a potential caterer can be the gauge of whether the catering will turn out great and according to details. The way to choose the best caterer will depend on how the details of the event are decided and executed. Considering some recommendations may also lead you to a possible caterer that will provide outstanding catering service. Finally, the decision will still be in the hands of the one that requires the catering service. Therefore, it is all up to them whether a catering service will materialize or not.



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