How to Do Menu Planning for Catering

The menu is a major consideration for a catering service. It is with the menu planning where all the different foods are picked and included in the event. Therefore, it is essential to know how to plan a menu for catering.

Below are some practical guides to plan a catering menu:

Know exactly what the food preferences of the customer are to be included in the menu.

In catering, lists of foods are provided where the customer can pick what they prefer. The only thing that a caterer can do is to suggest foods according to the requirement of the host. The finalization of the plan is the job of the customer. The preferred food can be according to the theme of the party or event, which may include the drinks.

Plan the menu according to the customer’s wants and needs.

In planning the menu for catering, the customer is king. Therefore, the menu may depend on several factors such as taste, culture and beliefs. The perfect example is that people will never choose foods that may be offending to their religion or beliefs. Therefore, the customer has the right to plan the food for the event according to what they want.

The cost of food is also instrumental in planning the menu.

Bear in mind the customer’s budget when planning a menu for catering. If the customer will plan with their budget, the cost of food will be definitely considered. The way to plan it can be as simple as reducing the types of food to be served or consider the chosen menu at a limited portion. Whether the food is pork, beef or chicken will solely depend on the customer’s choice.

Ensure that you as caterer must be capable of preparing the chosen menu.

In planning the menu, ensure that your company can cook the foods that are on the menu and according to way customer wants them (as long as they are fully cooked).

Consider the ingredients are in-season.

When planning the menu, consider that the ingredients will be available according to their season. Otherwise, the menu must include what is the nearest possible substitute for foods that are not in season at the time.

Apply creativity and imagination.

The way we think has an influence on the food that we want. Therefore, you can choose to be creative when planning the menu for catering. Exotic foods may be included in the menu. However, it will also depend on the availability of the ingredients.

Planning the menu may also correspond to the weather.

This means that you may include or exclude the food from the menu if it does not fit to the existing weather. The choice may be hot or cold food. Therefore, caterer must be ready for extremes. During cold days, the best food to include must be rich in energy such as pork, beef, chicken or pasta. Delicious foods to be served hot can include soup.

Take into consideration the health as well as nutrition when planning a menu for catering.

You should not include too many greasy foods in the menu. Consider foods that are balanced and have the proper combinations when prepared. They commonly contain foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The menu planning will also depend on the time of the event.

If the event is in the morning, the menu will definitely include foods that are served during breakfast. There are great food selections for lunch as well as dinner. Great food combinations may be recommended.

Consider your cooking capabilities when planning a menu for catering.

This would include the cooking capacity of your kitchen and cooking staff. This will also depend on the number of guests that the client has.



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