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Jessie Catering menu is just what you need if your event lacks some spice and flare to it. With promotions, scrumptious food, and great service, Jessie Catering never ceases to fail. They have a bevy of menus including buffet catering, high tea buffet, packet meal, Bento meals, and BBQ catering. With the flavorful food Jessie offers, your event, gathering, or party will be fun and tasty. You can choose from a batch of dishes including the standard buffet and the high tea buffet. You can also create your own dish with the packet meals and bento meals. Options include different types of chicken, sides, vegetables, and staples. Also, the BBQ catering menu allows you to choose satay, meat, seafood, and sides of your choice. As you can see, Jessie Catering is diverse and expansive. Anything you need for your special event you will find with them.

Below are the latest Jessie Catering menu prices.

Jessie Catering has been providing quality, hospitality, and love since 1995. Jessie Catering’s longevity can be attributed to their passion to always serve customers fresh, insatiable food. The company started out as only catering to workers in designated areas, but has since then expanded to dinner home meal delivery. Jessie Catering now provides an overabundance of menu options such as bento meal, buffet, high-tea, and BBQ. With these meals and buffets you have the choice to pick from a wide range of entrees, sides, and vegetables. As a result of high demand, Jessie Catering also has a sister company which helps to fulfill those needs. The organization continues to strive for excellence and quality.

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