Losing Weight Through Eating Right

If you want to lose weight then you cannot just take a pill and hope you’ll be sexier the next morning. There’s no such thing as a wonder drug that breaks down all the fats away. Exercise is crucial but it only supplements the biggest factor of gaining or losing weight: your eating habits.

Losing weight through eating right is going to be the cornerstone to hit the waistline you’ve always wanted. Of course the more weight you aim to lose, the harder it is to get into a healthier diet.

Studies have shown that people who eat junk food lose the natural function in the brain to stop and thus end up eating more unhealthy choices even when fruits and vegetables are readily available.

So what are proper eating habits? Consider a few of them below:

A Diet Doesn’t Equate to Starving Yourself to Death

Losing Weight Through Eating Right RIPWhen some people think of going on a diet they immediately assume that it means you have to stop eating. That’s not true; as a matter of fact, starving yourself only makes you weaker and in the end you could end up eating more than planned to fulfill that hunger, making you gain weight instead of losing it.

Instead, you need to think about quality instead of quantity. You can still eat three major meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), along with three snacks (including your midnight snack). You just need to make sure that they’re healthy meals, not laden with junk.

Proper Diet Programs Start with Detox

Losing Weight Through Eating Right antioxidantsSo you’re looking at a potential three month diet program but don’t know where to start? Get on a detox diet menu first. It’ll last from three to seven days, depending on how hardcore you want to go, but it will prepare you for the diet program to come.

Detox is pretty simple: you need to focus on fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and other body cleansing compounds to clear out toxins, water weight, and others. This will ensure that the diet program does its job properly since the easily disposed baggage is gone.

It can get difficult though; some detox diet menus involve no solids so you’ll be drinking fruit and veggie smoothies for three days straight before you can take on real food.

Hydration is a Part of Your Eating Habit

Water splashing into glassWant to lose weight, especially during the detox phase where it is so easy to get hungry and break routine? If you do, then make it a habit to drink a lot of water.

Water is important part of eating right in order to lose weight because it flushes out all the bad substances that fatty acids stick to, like toxins. It also helps the body absorb all the fat-burning nutrients you get from your meals.

Then there’s something known as “water weight”. When the body isn’t hydrated it holds onto pockets of fluids and this will look like flubs of fat in the tummy, arms, or elsewhere. When the body gets the water it needs it will let go of these pockets and you’ll lose about 10 pounds in just two weeks.

When the water weight is gone and your diet kicks in, you’ll be losing an average of 2-3 pounds per week.

Little Tidbits to Lose Weight

Use a smaller plate to trick your brain you are eating more, don’t put all the food on the table (like in a bowl) and instead keep the extras in the kitchen, bulk up on veggies, and always make it a point to reward yourself with something like a chocolate bar at the end of the day.



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