Neo Garden Catering Menu Prices

Neo Garden catering menu is fun and festival. With a sizeable menu and great food, it is absolutely perfect for a corporate event, gathering, or party. On the menu you will find categories such as “Celebrations”, “Regular Buffet”, and “Premium Buffet.” Signature meals on this menu include the Christmas Party Pack, Vegetarian Package, and Neo’s Harvest. All food is made from fresh, ripe ingredients that are handpicked by the finest of farmers. Neo Garden strives in making sure you have the best possible experience at your event, and they do this by serving brilliant food coupled with excellent service and response.

Below are the latest Neo Garden catering menu prices.

Neo Garden Catering was founded in 1992 and since then has excelled in the department of home delivery meals and household buffet delivery. The company has begun a number of popular catering services including Hi-Tea, BBQ, and Mini Buffet. Owned by companies such as Orange Clove, Deli Hub, and Best, Neo Garden Catering was labeled the “No. 1 Caterer in Singapore” according to an AC Nielsen survey done in 2010 and 2011. With various menus, Neo Garden Catering stays relevant and versatile. Trademark dishes include celebration packages, Neo’s Blossom package, tea reception, and BBQ. Neo’s Garden Catering follows their own set of food philosophy rules and makes sure to never compensate for excellent food, quick service, and beautiful presentation. The organization has stayed relevant and fresh by setting its foot into retail, bakery, and yacht chartering service to reach more customers.

neo garden catering menu prices

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