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If you are hosting a party or a special meeting and you barely have time to think about what your guests will be eating then you should consider an experienced catering company that makes planning a meeting easy as pie.

Panera Bread Catering offers an easy way to manage a party or meeting which saves you time and effort. Their catering services offers fast, delicious and nutritious foods and best of all you do not have to worry about forgetting anything since Panera helps you plan everything with the help of a Catering Coordinator.

Panera Bread Catering Menu

Panera Bread Breakfast Menu

Panera Bread takes pride in their freshly baked bread and bread is the center of every breakfast catering spread. Morning Continental breakfast is the most popular order which is an assortment of 4 baked bagels, and 6 morning pastries served with cream cheese, butter and preserves. Other breakfast varieties are bagels, morning pastries, fruit bowls, strawberry granola parfait, power almond quinoa oatmeal; steel cut oats and baked egg soufflés.

Breakfast sandwiches goes well with coffee and this is a selection of steak and egg, Mediterranean egg white, sausage, bacon, egg and cheese, egg and cheese, turkey sausages, avocadoes and other power sandwich varieties.

Lunch time is delicious time with a wide selection of sandwiches and boxed lunches. The most popular is Panera Bread’s Deluxe Assorted Sandwiches which is a sandwich made of Panera classic salad, potato chips, pickle spears and your choice of bread. All sandwich orders come with freshly baked cookies.

Boxed lunches could be a sandwich box, salad box or a half sandwich and half salad box. Premium Signature sandwiches come in a wide variety of fillings such as roasted turkey, Applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and avocados. Signature sandwiches are also available for catering such as the Italian Combo, Aisago Steak, Bacon Turkey Bravo and Napa Almond Chicken. Café sandwiches are a selection of Sierra Turkey sandwiches, smoked turkey breast, tuna salad, smoked ham and Mediterranean veggie sandwiches.

Panera Bread also offers salads such as their Premium Signature salads, steak and blue cheese salads, Fuji apple chicken salad, BBQ chicken salad, classic salad with chicken and chicken Caesar salad just to name a few.

Finally, Panera Bread also offers catering options for bread and pastries. Try the company’s popular assortment of pastries and sweets such as carrot cake with walnuts, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, French Croissants and chocolate pastries. Don’t miss their delectable scones with flavors such as cinnamon, berry, orange and wild blueberry, muffins in wild blueberry, pumpkin, apple crunch and peach pecan, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cinnamon crumb coffee cake and their popular pastry rings with cherry, apple and cheese filling.

Panera Bread Uses Only High Quality Ingredients

You will be happy to know that Panera Bread uses only the highest quality ingredients. If you have food allergies or a member of your party has allergies, you should inform the company to provide you with a list of all the ingredients that are used in your catering order. All menu options contain zero grams of trans-fat per serving. And every meal is prepared with utmost care along with the use of the best ingredients.

Easy to Order Your Catering Choices

Panera Bread is the most popular choice when it comes to catering because it is very easy to order and serve. First, all the orders come with plates, utensils and napkins. All food is ready-to-serve from their packaging.

All catering orders should be made at least 24 hours before the event and any cancellations should be done at least 4 hours before. Ordering your catering spread may be done through phone, via fax or online delivery through their official site

Panera Bread offers more than just the usual bread and pastries but rather offers catering menu selections that are rich in flavor, are nutritious and best of all are completely filling. There are a lot of choices to make! You can try sandwiches along with their delicious salads and their pastries as a dessert treat.

And of course you get a good value for your money in Panera since portions are larger and therefore more filling when compared to other catering companies. Great food and good value for your money, what more could you ask for in a catering service?



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