Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer Before You Hire Them

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. It is only natural for you to want everything to be perfect. One of the things that make a wedding celebration great is the quality of the meals served during the reception.

This is why you need to be judicious in selecting the catering service that will take care of this part of your very special event. Asking the right questions will help you select the right caterer to hire. Here are some questions you need to ask the potential wedding caterer.

“With my budget and my wedding style, what type of foods would you recommend and how much will it cost? “

This is the first question that will determine if your wedding plans will be right on track or if it needs some modification. The caterer must provide you a quote on a per person basis so you will be able to determine if your budget can afford the exact number of guests you plan to invite.

“Are you specializing in a certain type of cuisine? Will I be able to afford it?”

His answer to this question will help you determine if the caterer can serve the types of meals you are thinking of.

“Are you catering other events on the same day?”

You need to know if his time is focused on your event. He should be because if he is catering for two or three other events on your wedding day, he might not be able to give you quality food and quality service simply because he is forced to divide his time between two or three events.

“Do you have the proper credentials?”

Since you will be paying for his services, you need to know if you will be provided with the proper professional service. A food related or business degree will ensure that he is bound by professional ethics. If he has been in this business for several years, that means his services is well-liked by his customers.

“Do you have a business license?”

A business license is also an indication that you are talking to a professional. Before he can operate a catering business, he must first be certified by the local health department and must also have the right liability insurance or any insurance that is related to his business.

“Are there any additional charges on top of the cost per person?”

You need to be clear on this because if not, you will be forced to fork out more money that you intend to. Aside from the food, there are caterers that include the cost of rental, staff salary and so forth. So, you need to compare charges of at least three caterers to see who offers the best deal.

“Can you specify the additional charges?”

You need to know the answer to this question if he says that he has additional charges. If the reasons for the additional charges are flimsy, go to your next choice. Some charges are legitimate such as if your event starts late, and they are already there to serve the food as you may have required.

“What are the extras that you provide?”

There are caterers who provide the furniture and table ware for the wedding event. Ask them for their specific prices or if they are already included in the food costs. You need to determine if there is any marked difference in costs if you will ask a separate service provider for the furniture and table ware, or just use the things that the caterer has.



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