Sam’s Club Catering Menu Prices

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not offer catering. However, they do offer catering equipment. From dinnerware and disposables to kitchen utensils and linen, Sam’s Club offers an expansive list of items synonymous with catering. Beautiful, durable items such as ceramic skillets, wine goblets, and Riegel table cloths are a fraction of the hundreds of items and materials Sam’s Club sells for catering an event. Even so, if you truly desire catering in the traditional sense, our big brother market, Walmart, will accommodate you the best they can. Walmart’s catering menu offers options such as the meat and cheese tray, chicken combo tray, snack tray, flavored wing tray, etc. Click here for the direct link to our Walmart catering menu. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

For more information on Sam’s Club catering menu prices, visit their official website.




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