Spit Roast Catering Menu Prices

Spit Roast catering menu is extensive and convenient. With cooked onsite food, delivered food, and wedding food, Spit Roast has a catering menu for each one of these, as well as platters. With succulent grilled Australian cuisine, Spit Roast is a perfect choice to feed your guests. Concerning the food, Spit Roast has export quality meats at extremely low prices, lower than competitors. Trademark dishes include Spit Roast Classic, gourmet barbecue package, ribs n wings, Roast Express Package, and the Best Value Wedding Package. Many of Spit Roast’s packages and platters serve a minimum of 25-40 people. Spit Roast catering is unique in the sense that if you don’t receive at least 5 compliments on their food, then they will forward you $100.00. That is the utmost confidence in the product they’re serving to you. Trust us, trust them.

Below are the latest Spit Roast catering menu prices.

Spit Roast catering was begun in 1997 by Graham Peet in New Zealand. After seeing how Australia was handling spit roasting, he made several alterations and changes and finally began selling his own way. New Zealand is now well known for spit roasting as the market for quality value has risen. Spit Roast Catering can handle anything from casual beach parties and penthouse parties to formal wedding functions and corporate events. Spit Roast Catering has the manpower and resources to cater for over 70 functions a day, which happens quite often and, subsequently, is the most prominent spit roast caterer in the country. Items on the menu include Old Fashion BBQ, Barbeque Spit Combo, and breakfast packages. It’s spit roast catering done in Spit Roast Catering’s way, and that’s a flawless way. We recommend you request their services for your event.

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