Wegmans Catering Menu Prices

Wegmans catering is one of the most popular catering services. Their list of options is exhaustive including complete dinners, festive entertaining platters, entree and sides, sushi, party starters and small bites, luncheon parties, pizzas, salads,etc.Not only does Wegmans catering provide you with options that’s fit to please guests of any event or party, but what’s special about Wegmans catering is that their salads are homemade without any preservatives and that they offer premium cut meats. Below is the all inclusive menu that Wegmans catering provides in select states such as New York, Virginia, Maryland, and a few more.

Below are the latest Wegmans catering menu prices.


Wegmans Catering Menu

Wegmans is a family-owned supermarket chain that started in Gates, New York. They have over 85 stores throughout the US. There are reasons why Wegmans menu is special. They offer kosher deli, kosher meals and meats, specific holiday treats, and an incredible beverage selection. All their items are made with fresh and organic ingredients that all your guests can taste.

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Wegmans Catering Menu Prices
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