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Whether you are in search of a quick breakfast meal before starting a long and hard day of work or in need of an inexpensive meal to feed the family on nights that you do not feel like cooking, McDonald’s Restaurant is able to provide you with a tasty meal any time of the day depending on your location. Some McDonald’s Restaurants are only opened during certain hours of the day, but the majority of McDonald’s locations are able and willing to serve you all day, every day by offering 24-hour drive-thru services and even some with 24-hour dine-in services as well. Keep reading for more information on the hours of operation for McDonald’s Restaurants across the country.

McDonalds Breakfast Hours

mcdonalds breakfast hoursWhat time does mcdonalds stop serving breakfast? When does mcdonalds breakfast end? What time is mcdonalds breakfast? For the few McDonald’s Restaurants that are not opened for 24 hours begin serving breakfast at 5 A.M. For those restaurants that start at 5 A.M., breakfast typically ends at 11 A.M. However, there are some restaurants that stop serving breakfast at 10:30 A.M. according to the day of the week. Some of those restaurants that stop serving breakfast at 10:30 A.M. extend breakfast hours until 11 A.M. during the weekend. For the restaurants that are opened for 24 hours, breakfast hours begin at 5 A.M. and stop at 11 A.M.

During breakfast hours, you and your family are able to enjoy a variety of tasty breakfast items. McDonald’s offer hot cakes, oatmeal, a variety of McGriddles™, cinnamon melts, a variety of McMuffins™, a variety of biscuits, and a variety of bagels. You can also order a hot and fresh cup of coffee, juice, a McCafe™ beverage, or any soft drink as well. Of course, if you wish to spend just a few dollars, there are breakfast items available on the dollar menu including sausage and chicken biscuits, and hash browns. Each breakfast item and hours of operation is specific to the location of your McDonald’s Restaurant.

McDonalds Lunch and Dinner Hours

mcdonalds hoursAlthough 11 A.M. ends the breakfast hours for most McDonald’s Restaurants, the hour represents the beginning of the lunch and dinner hours. Starting at 11 A.M., you are able to enjoy the more extensive menu that McDonald’s has to offer to its customers. For the restaurants that do not operate on a 24-hour schedule, lunch and dinner hours end between the hours of 11 P.M. and midnight. For other restaurants that operate on a 24-hour schedule, lunch and dinner hours conclude at the start of breakfast hours which begin at 5 A.M.

During lunch and dinner hours, you and your family are able to enjoy a variety of tasty food items. McDonald’s offer a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, wraps, salads, French fries, ice cream, smoothies, frappes, and desserts. If you are looking to spend a few dollars, you can partake in the dollar menu that includes double cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and a variety of desserts.

McDonald’s Restaurant is one of the few fast food restaurants that are able to feed you for a low cost just about any hour of the day. Regardless of your location, you are bound to find a McDonald’s that is open and willing to serve you breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With great hours and great food to match, McDonald’s is definitely a place that you will be loving any time of day.

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McDonalds Hours
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  1. Mc Donalds 11574. 5613 SE 82 Ave. This is the worst Md i have ever been at every time i have visited it i have had an isue the employees dont wash their hands after using the bathroom. When i said somthing nicely to them about it i ended up with a nasty rotten grape in my mocha now The crazy part is, is where on earth would a grape come from? Because as far as i know they dont use grapes at McDonalds for any thing! But it was a very rotten grape i was just sick because i drank all my mocha by the time i herd it knocking around at the bottom of my cup. I took it back got my money back for it i sure didnt want another after that the manager really didnt act like it was a big deal so i didnt go back for quite some time then i went back last month i got a mc chicken and i was never so sick in my life ended up at the hospital ! So tonight we stop to get the dogs a mcchicken. And theres hair in it my dogs dont care but i do thats just nasty! Im just done eating at Mc Donalds. Ever. Tina O portland Or

  2. You all should be closed for thanksgiving day who wants burgers that day????? Employees should be able to celebrate thanksgiving with their families.

    only items that are $1.00 is milk and $1.00 cookies.
    Out the door $14.00 and change for 2 med sized (LOL) value meals.
    for the same money , You have so many more options on where to eat.And spend your hard earned money.

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