Subway Hours

What time does Subway open? What time does Subway close? Continue reading for Subway hours.

Subway Hours

The hours of operation of subway restaurants vary by location and are typically open from 7 a.m to 9.00 pm/10 pm/11pm Monday through Friday. The official website of the restaurant should give you an idea of the exact hours of operation on any working day.

If you’re looking to taste Subway’s breakfasts then you should ensure that you reach the restaurant before 10.00 a.m., while if you’re keen on tasting the fare on the regular menu, then go after 10.00 in the morning. Nutrition facts show that Subway’s breakfast sandwiches are really healthy while tasting good. So if you do want to cut down calories and have a hearty breakfast at the same time, then this is a real good option.

Usually breakfast at Subway is from 7:00am-11:00am, Monday through Friday, but there aren’t any specific hours when lunch is served. However, the hours vary depending on where the Subway is located.

The weekends have slightly different timings: The Subway opens a couple of hours later but closes roughly at the same time as it does on weekdays. Of course, the customer service department is open 24 hours a day and you can always get in touch with the reps.

Sometimes, the corporate headquarters hosts special events and promotions and you would need to contact the customer service department or the restaurant for details regarding the events and also for its opening hours. Subways do recognize some holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day and other federal holidays, but do remain closed on Christmas. The website will give details regarding hours of operation for holidays.

In case the Subway restaurants are closed for the day and you need to get in touch with someone there to address some concern, you can reach out to customer service through social media or send an email using the customer feedback form. Customer service usually replies within 2-3 business days.

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About Subway

Thanks to Fred Deluca and Dr. Peter Buck, Subway restaurants can now be found across the globe. The first subway that opened in 1965 was called Peter’s Super Submarines and was later re-christened as Subway in 1968.

Subways are noted for selling sub sandwiches and also offering fast food for health-conscious customers- a healthy balanced meal that’s fast, fresh and tastes great. It has grown rapidly and today is regarded as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world. Found in more than 40,000 locations all over the world, this sub chain offers a variety of treats: salads and soups, soft drinks, muffins, cookies, varied breakfast items in addition to its famous sub sandwiches.

This fast-food restaurant produces delicious American-style delicious submarine rolls that are very popular with large sections of the populace. In addition to the tempting treats it offers, you have the option of having your own custom sandwich made to order right in front of you using the choicest and freshest of ingredients. Since you have a choice in the kind of bread, toppings and veggies that are to be used, you can order a sandwich to suit your palate on any particular day. In addition to the healthy breakfast, every day of the week has a ‘Sub of the Day’ special.

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Subway Hours
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